Adhesive tape manufacture and worldwide supply

Производство и поставка клейких лент
In-house production and logistics
Any quantity of supply (minimum order quantity 1 box)
Competitive prices and special offers
Manufacturing adhesive tapes within the timeframe of a day or more
Branding of packaging
We can manufacture any adhesive tape according to the parameters specified by you: any width and any length per reel
Your logo on tape sleeves and packaging - sell the adhesive tapes under your own brand
Supply in any quantity
Unlimited supply
Prompt worldwide delivery
Our advanced logistics solutions ensure you receive your order just in time

Ordering from a manufacturer is profitable and reliable

We are a manufacturer of adhesive tapes in a variety of typical sizes, having our own sales department and our own fleet of vehicles, which allows us to deliver the ordered products in the shortest possible time. Our Company’s product quality control allows us to work with customers openly, maintaining trust in business relationships, furthermore, we set such prices that are beneficial to our customers.
19,000,000 m²
> 1,000 customers
our Company has more than 20 years’ experience
Annual production volume
to that many customers we supplied our products in 2020
we work honestly and fulfil orders by delivering our products with exact dimensional specifications
Openness and honesty

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Water-Activated Kraft Paper Tape

Environmentally friendly product
Beautiful and stylish packaging design
Incredibly strong and durable
All products are certified and complies with international standards
Any quantity of supply
Worldwide delivery

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